Joining The Chicago School means joining a community of supportive professionals dedicated to creating and maintaining an inclusive campus environment that allows students to take full advantage of their academic and co-curricular programs. The Chicago School supports prospective and current students by offering a variety of comprehensive programs and services designed to help students achieve their academic goals. A multitude of resources are available to ensure students' smooth transition into The Chicago School as well as provide assistance throughout their educational experience.

These pages have been designed as a central repository of student resources.  All services available to students at The Chicago School are represented here in one place.  We hope students will bookmark this main page and return to to these pages frequently to learn more about TCSPP, access important forms, find contact information, connect with other members of the community, and be notified about exciting events.

Our Mission, Values, and Goals

The Chicago School strives to be the school of choice in professional psychology in the world and to realize its mission through innovation and quality.

Reflecting the systemic integration of our mission, our logo symbolizes our values: Education, Innovation, Service, and Community. 


Student Affairs at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology strives to provide continuous contributions to student learning and development by:
Providing high quality, efficient and professional support for student learning and success
Ensuring access to high quality programs regardless of where or how a student is enrolled
Overseeing policy, procedure, implementation, and evaluation in over 15 multifaceted functional areas

Oath of Conduct and Diversity Affirmation

“As I join The Chicago School of Professional Psychology community, I gratefully acknowledge the privileges inherent in becoming a professional in my chosen field and willingly accept the responsibilities that must accompany those privileges.

I understand that I am responsible for my behavior and that I must uphold the highest standards of academic and professional integrity throughout my education and my professional life.

I will adhere to the standards of conduct outlined in the TCSPP Student Handbook, and I hereby commit that I will conduct myself in accordance with the values and standards expressed therein.

I vow to be a person of principle, compassion, strength, and courage. I will conduct myself with dignity and civility and show kindness and respect toward my classmates, my professors, and all persons at all times.

I hereby affirm to actively participate in The Chicago School learning community by embracing its commitment to understand and respect individual and cultural differences. As such, I will seek to gain knowledge of human difference that I may increase my understanding of myself and others.

Lastly, I will seek to build an environment of mutual respect and inclusion where all are valued.”