Latino/a Students and Friends Association

The Latino Students and Friends Association is an opportunity for students of all cultural backgrounds who are interested in expanding their knowledge of the Latino culture for their personal and professional development.

Our association strives to promote awareness of the social, political, historical, and cultural aspects of Latinos living in the United States and abroad both with the TCS community and the greater Chicago community. This goal is accomplished through activities, programming, community outreach and networking opportunities. All are welcome!

Mission and Goals

  • Promote activities and events focused on the Latino population that intends to increase cultural awareness among all TCS’s students.
  • Encourage Latina/o students and friends to embrace their own culture and traditions by providing social gatherings.
  • Create a supporting environment that fosters professional and social networking for Latino/a students.
  • Establish a mentoring program that would support Latino/a students interested in the field of psychology and higher education.
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Latino/a Students & Friends Association at The Chicago School