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Check out the most recent research projects being conducted using the KABC-II under the Recent News tab, now featuring a study examining developmental outcomes of children who were/were not breastfed during the first months of life.

Dr. Boivin is currently conducting an exciting new study in Africa. To learn more click on Boivin's Reality Research and look under the Research Projects tab!

Neuropsychology of Children in Africa: Perspectives on Risk and Resilience

The new book edited by Michael Boivin and Bruno Giordani discusses the opportunities and challenges for addressing the developmental needs of children in Africa in the public health context.  This is the first book to examine the neuropsychological needs of children in Africa.

The following articles review the work of Boivin and Giordani:

Cassava and Mental Deficits
Climate Change Linked With Increase in Diarrheal Disease
Springer Flyer

Introduction and Purpose:

The K-ABC Institute has been created to act as a resource for scholars and clinicians from around the world who are interested in exchanging ideas, research results, research opportunities and experiences using the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children, (Second Edition).

This website provides:

A forum for discussions, questions, and requests for information regarding the KABC-II
A place where international clinicians and scholars can exchange information
A conduit for connecting scholars and clinicians conducting research on:
Cross-cultural aspects of intelligence/ability/cognitive processing assessment
Validity studies on the KABC-II
Intelligent testing principles
Resources for new clinicians and students learning to administer and interpret the KABC-II
Resources for university instructors to aid training in the KABC-II
Resources for seasoned clinicians regarding advanced interpretation of the KABC-II
News about new tests available around the world that have been developed on the Kaufman model of intelligent testing.