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Research in Uganda with Children with HIV/AIDS and Cerebral Malaria


Dr. Michael Boivin (Michigan State) and Dr. Bruno Giordani (University of Michigan) worked in Uganda over the summer (2011) conducting research using the KABC-2. They were investigating cognitive rehabilitation with children with HIV/AIDS and cerebral malaria via computer cognitive rehabilitation programs. The KABC-2 was adapted to assist in the evaluation of pre and post neurocognitive functioning.

Dr. Boivin and Giordani allowed A Chicago School of Professional Psychology school psychology student, Jackie Moore, to assist with data collection and she posted daily blogs about her experiences on this website.

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Reporting from Uganda: Jackie Moore

Greetings from Uganda!

I am currently assisting on a research study that evaluates the neuropsychological benefits of cognitive training in Ugandan children with HIV. Another study that is currently taking place in another location in Uganda and is related to the study that I am involved in is one that is evaluating the neuropsychological benefits of CCRT (Computerized Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy) for Ugandan school-aged children surviving severe cerebral malaria.

The weeks have turned out to be quite eventful! Click on the links to the left to view a summary of the events.