Full Board Review Calendar: A calendar has been added for students/faculty to reference when submitting an application that requires Full Committee review.  This calendar includes submission deadlines, meeting date, and the date when researchers can anticipate receiving a formal IRB letter regarding their proposal. Please note this calendar is only applicable for more than minimal risk research studies requiring Full Committee review.

International Compilation of Human Research Standards: The federal government (ORHP) has compiled a list of international research guidelines featuring listings of over 1,000 laws, regulations, and guidelines on human subject protections in 107 countries, as well as standards issued by a number of international and regional organizations. The standards address such issues as informed consent, research ethics committee review, reporting requirements, vulnerable populations, and more.  Prior to developing their proposal , students and faculty conducting research internationally should carefully review the  appropriate laws and regulations.  The link to this document is posted on the IRB website under the “Additional Resources” tab.

IRB Application Checklist: The IRB has created an application checklist that will help researcher understand the issues that the Committee will consider prior to approving your research proposal. Please review this document as you begin to develop your research proposal. The link to this document is posted on the IRB website under the “Additional Resources” tab.


Due to recent changes in research policies at TCS Education System, the IRB office and the Office of Institutional Research will now be coordinating the distribution of research recruitment emails.  

Recruitment emails sent out to TCS ES students, faculty, and staff will now be delivered through

These recruitment emails will contain contact information for the Principle Researcher, as well as a description of the research study. These studies are completely voluntary, and only one email per study will be sent to the population of interest.  All questions and inquiries related to the study should be directed to the Principle Researcher and not the research email address—it is not monitored.

 If you are interested in sending a research recruitment email, please refer to the current research and survey policies available on the IRB and OIR webpages on eGo to obtain approval for your research.  If you have questions, please contact Alicia Cook, IRB Director at