FWS & Volunteer Positions

A “Community Assistantship Position” (CAP) is a Volunteer or FWS position that offer students opportunities to get out of the classroom and into the community to get a sense of the work they might be doing after graduation. Some of the positions are funded through Federal Work Study dollars and some are unpaid positions (Volunteer). The Community Partnerships Department builds relationships with organizations that will benefit the professional and personal development of students at TCSPP ensuring a variety of field based experiences. Students may dedicate 2-15 hours at a site, depending on the need and availability of both site and student.

The following are examples of our Community Assistantship Program:
  • Facilitate a health-focused curriculum in a preschool classroom
  • Co-facilitate discussions with older clients and lead activities 
  • Assisting with fundraising events and human resource management
  • Provide one on one literacy training for an individual with disabilities 

Click here to view a list and map of our current community partners. 


How to secure a volunteer FWS Position with Community Partnerships.

1. Attend the Annual Job & Volunteer Fair in September.

Our Annual JV Fair connects you with organizations from the Chicagoland area that offer volunteer and FWS positions. These are the
same employers that often have paid positions waiting for you upon graduation. Start early, get your foot in the door, and network!

Every Fall semester, the Community Partnerships Department and Career Services collaborate to host the annual Job and Volunteer Fair.  Each year, over 300 students attend the JV Fair from every academic department. The JV Fair is an excellent opportunity for students to network with over 60 community agencies in Chicago to learn about available positions and future employment opportunities. Students looking for Volunteer, Part-time, or Federal Work Study positions should attend.  Whether a student is career changing, just entering the workforce, or exploring the possibility of working with a new population, the Job and Volunteer Fair provides an opportunity for all.  

Interview and orientation registration will be available at the Fair. 

*Please be aware FWS eligibility does not guarantee you a Federal Work Study paid position.

2. If you were unable to attend the JV FAIR, Please follow the directions below:

1. Watch our orientation video. Do not skip this step, as it contains critical information on work-study, volunteering, and our process.

2. Search for, find, and apply to our opportunities on Career Hub
This tool is our database of available positions, and a guide on finding our positions is available here. Please note that applying does not send your resume to the community site, but instead sends your information to the Community Partnerships Department. Even after applying, you would need to interview with us before you can be passed to your preferred site. For interviewing tips and resume assistance, please contact Career Services.

3. Emaicommunitypartnerships@thechicagoschool.edu  to schedule an interview, or with any questions/concerns. 

4. In preparation for your interview, read the Community Partnerships Student Handbook,
found here.