Program Structure

The CLIC program is a full-time, 12-month, 2000 hour program. Each intern will participate in a major clinical rotation at a single consortium setting. Within that setting, minor rotation experiences may also be available based on agency needs and intern interests and training goals. Each intern will spend at least four days per week at his/her consortium agency and one-half to one full day per week on TCS’s campus.

Interns will primarily engage in direct clinical services, consultation, outreach, and scholarly activities. In this role, interns will engage in approximately 20-25 hours of weekly face-to-face clinical time. Interns will be matched with a consortium site based on prior experience and training goals. At the outset of the training year, each intern will complete a Training Contract with his/her primary supervisor, outlining the goals, requirements, and activities within the training experience. The Training Contract will also detail the intern’s weekly schedule.

In addition to their site duties and responsibilities, interns participate in cohort learning activities that take place on TCS’s campus. The cohort learning experiences include: 1) a didactic series that features guest speakers, workshops, and case presentations, and 2) group supervision, which will focus on professional development, supervision of supervision, and other training issues.

Each intern will participate in two hours of individual supervision per week, either with two consortium site supervisors - primary and secondary - or alternately with a primary consortium site supervisor and the program Training Director.

Interns will additionally participate in didactics, trainings, case conferences, and staffings at their clinical sites.

The CLIC has been designed to meet APPIC standards, as well as APA accreditation requirements. The program is APPIC accredited.

Consortium Training Team:

Director of Training:
Heather Sheets, Psy.D.

Dr. Heather Sheets is the Campus Director of Training for The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and the current President of ACEPT (Association of Chicagoland Externship and Practicum Training). As part of her full time job, she coordinates the practicum placement for the six onground programs housed at the Chicago campus.   Additionally, Dr. Sheets is the Director of Training for The Chicago School’s pre-doctoral internship, post-doctoral fellowship, and practicum program. She also is the President of the largest regionally based practicum consortium, ACEPT.

She is a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialized interest in working with emerging adult issues and alcohol and substance assessment and treatment. Dr. Sheets graduated from The Chicago School in 2006 after completing her pre-doctoral internship at the University of Notre Dame where she received a specialty in alcohol and substance assessment and treatment. Following internship, Dr. Sheets completed her post-doctoral training at Northwestern University’s counseling center.  She then worked as the substance abuse coordinator at Northwestern University for two years prior to returning to The Chicago School as the Chicago Campus Director for Applied Professional Practice. 

Consortium Site Supervisors:

Pillars Community:
Leslie Crea-Kammerer, Psy.D. - Primary Supervisor
Bianka Hardin, Psy.D. - Secondary Supervisor

Lawrence Hall Youth Services:
Orson Morrison, Psy.D. - Primary Supervisor
Mitchell Sandy, Psy.D. - Secondary Supervisor