The CLMH is a planning partner for  National Recovery Month

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To provide education, research and community education services to address the unique social and cultural mental health needs of the growing Latino population. 


To increase the number of culturally competent mental health professionals in order to improve the accessibility of mental health services to the Latino/a community is the goal of the Center for Latino/a Mental Health

To further advance our impact in the Latino/a community, The Center for Latino/a Mental Health forges partnerships with community and social service agencies that serve the Latino/a population. Our students and faculty lend their expertise to these organizations by providing culturally competent mental health services, conducting culturally relevant research, developing new treatment models, and more. In turn, students gain invaluable hands-on training that prepares them to be even more effective leaders in the field of Latino/a mental health.


The need for culturally competent mental health professionals trained in the assessment and treatment of Latino/a clients is enormous. In response, The Chicago School has developed the following academic programs that focus on Latino/a mental health: